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I like to read epic fantasy (the bigger, thicker and longer, the better) and science fiction (perfer space operas).  I also enjoy the occasional biography or history non-fiction.


Out in the real world, I'm an IT professional in the Legal industry.  Tech doesn't scare me or phase me.

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The Divine Drama - Kurt D Bruner 3.4 starsBroken into three parts, the middle section held the best portion. Part One defines archetypal stories, their relation to the divine drama and why we yearn for those "Once Upon a Time" and "Happily Ever After" tales. Part two crystallizes God's love letter to us (i.e. the Bible) as a twenty page four act play/outline. Dramatic reflections dig deeper into the substance behind the outline and provide the source glimmers. Part three encourages us to play our part in the divine drama, not out of pride or self-centeredness or aggrandizement, but according to the Author's vision. A quick very enjoyable read which will leave you thinking about what stories work well and why they resonate strongly for you and others. This book could be given to a seeker easily as it's not overly preachy.