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My retreat from the post-Amazon-apocalypse-GoodReads. My shelves and my reviews, I hope, will find a safe haven here.


I like to read epic fantasy (the bigger, thicker and longer, the better) and science fiction (perfer space operas).  I also enjoy the occasional biography or history non-fiction.


Out in the real world, I'm an IT professional in the Legal industry.  Tech doesn't scare me or phase me.

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"In God we trusted, in Kansas we busted."
Prairyerth - William Least Heat-Moon

Until 1895, the whole history of the state [Kansas] was a series of disasters, and always something new, extreme, bizarre, until the name Kansas became a byword, a synonym for the impossible and the ridiculous, inviting laughter, furnishing occasion for jest and hilarity.  "In God we trusted, in Kansas we busted."

-- Carl Becker, "Kansas" (1910)