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I like to read epic fantasy (the bigger, thicker and longer, the better) and science fiction (perfer space operas).  I also enjoy the occasional biography or history non-fiction.


Out in the real world, I'm an IT professional in the Legal industry.  Tech doesn't scare me or phase me.

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Nyphron Rising  - Michael J. Sullivan I quickly read this third book in the Riyria Revelations series. Sullivan stirred the plot pot and more questions than answers swirled to the top, steaming away hopes of resolution and instead simmering revolution. Arista's character developed well, learning and appreciating the hard lives led by her subjects. Amilia quickly became my favorite new character, succeeding where all others failed in nursing Thrace, now know as Empress Modina, back from near catatonia. We learn more of Hadrian's past and he learns and accepts his role as Guardian of the Heir. The battle scenes felt staged, nonthreatening and short. Watching a battle through the stunned nearly paralyzed eyes of Arista left a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps that was Sullivan's intent. I hope more progress is made in the next installment in the series. I consider Nyphron Rising the weakest of the three published novels to date.