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My retreat from the post-Amazon-apocalypse-GoodReads. My shelves and my reviews, I hope, will find a safe haven here.


I like to read epic fantasy (the bigger, thicker and longer, the better) and science fiction (perfer space operas).  I also enjoy the occasional biography or history non-fiction.


Out in the real world, I'm an IT professional in the Legal industry.  Tech doesn't scare me or phase me.

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Miles Errant - Lois McMaster Bujold Follow this link for my review of the short story 'The Borders of Infinity' contained within this omnibus edition of the Vorkosigan space opera series. Follow this link for my review of Brothers in Arms. Follow this link for my review of Mirror Dance.This omnibus edition didn't include any author's note or forward. It did include a time line for Miles as an addendum. Overall, the series took a more serious and dramatic turn in these two novels and short story. Oddly, I look forward to reading each new novel because the concept is so different from what I'm used to in a fantasy series. Miles isn't on a quest, he's not the 'Chosen One', he's not cursed, he's not magically endowed beyond reason nor does he have a wizardly mentor leading him around by the nose. He uses his talents, his intelligence, his wit and his heart to great effect. He inspires others to exceed their perceived limitations, even some enemies. I am looking forward to reading the next novel Memory next month.