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The Desert Spear - Peter V. Brett The first of the four sections of Desert Spear gave us a hawk's eye view of life as a desert warrior. Jardir and Abban provided the lenses through which we observed the life paths of the warrior caste and the scorned merchant caste. To their own detriment, the Karsians are living (or dying) proof of Darwin's theory of evolution: only the strong survive. We saw glimpses of the other castes, including the clerics, subdivisions within the warriors and the women (as broodmares in the warriors' harems, as healers, as seeresses/sorceresses). Jardir acquires the Spear of the Deliverer (less honorably and nobly than he should have), declares himself the Deliverer returned and advances north to invade, conquer, convert and conscript everyone and everything to begin the Karsian version of Armageddon against the corelings. Jardir overruns the first fort in the North with little trouble and begins advancing on the next rather than waiting a year to consolidate and secure supplies. He leaves the khaffit (merchant caste) behind to do what it does best while he proceeds further north with his quest. The rest of the sections reunite us with Arlen (the Warded Man), Leesha (Herb Gatherer of recently renamed Deliverer's Hollow), and Rojer (violinist of exceptional skill and talent, especially in charming demons and unruly animals). Renna makes a dramatic comeback from Tibbet's Brook. While we learn many things about the Karsians, their history, philosophy, culture, customs and religion, we see less character development from the cast of the first novel. However, we are introduced, briefly to two new powerful demon types, who play pivotal roles throughout the story. Of the four listed above, Leesha learns and adapts most, while Renna's suffering wrenched my heart, yet her redemption and liberation satisfied tremendously. Arlen and Rojer seem stunted emotionally in comparison. A quick read, even at nearly six hundred pages, surging with action and adventure.